Saturday, April 29 - Kenny's Dream Annual Fundraiser for a Good Cause - Hosted by Dawn Sgarlata - Day Workshops with Great Lineup of Pros + Dinner, Evening Workshop (All the Pros) & Dance! - See Pricing Options & Details »

Kenny's Dream Annual Fundraiser - Sat April 29, 2023

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Kenny Boyajian - Dawn Sgarlata's brotherKenny’s Dream Foundation was established in memory of Dawn Sgarlata’s brother Kenny, who loved music and was gifted with enormous musical and comedic talent and a near Genius IQ, but suffered greatly with Tourette Syndrome during his too short young life.

The Mission of Kenny’s Dream Foundation, as stated on its website is:

“…[T]o bring some light into people’s lives affected with Tourette Syndrome. Our goal is to provide scholarships and camp tuition to children and adults with TS, while promoting awareness and acceptance. This charity will provide direct assistance to those overcoming the hardships that have been created by TS and will help them achieve their goals.”



Kenny's Dream Annual Fundraiser - Sat April 29, 2023