Sam Sodano

Sam SodanoSam Sodano, a former North American Latin Champion, is the organizer of the Ohio Star Ball, the largest and one of the most prestigious dance competitions in the United States, which is broadcast on television each year. As the organizer, Sam is featured annually on PBS television’s Championship Ballroom Dancing.

Sam occasionally visits Goldcoast Ballroom, where he offers coaching and instruction.

He regularly acts as an adjudicator at several of the major dance competitions in the United States. View Sam Sodano’s Instructional Video giving helpful insight into what he looks for as a Judge as Pro-Am Competitions, which is posted with our Instructional Videos.

Sam Sodano is Chairman of the Arthur Murray International Dance Board, an adjudicator and lecturer, and a very active and dedicated coach at his own dance studio in Columbus, Ohio. He joined Arthur Murry in New York as an instructor in the late 1950s and he has been with Arthur Murry for over 47 years.

The following video shows Sam Sodano dancing Mambo/Swing with Shirley Johnson at the Blackpool Dance Congress in 1991: