Meet Our Dedicated Staff, Consultants & Volunteers

Helen Lamb

Helen Lamb is the General Manager of Goldcoast Ballroom. She has been with Goldcoast Ballroom for over 15 years.

Her business background has given her the ability effectively to manage the operations of Goldcoast Ballroom, and she has contributed significantly to the success the Ballroom has had. Prior to joining Goldcoast Ballroom, she was the […]

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Vita Abate

We are pleased to announce that, Vita Abate is back as our Head Concierge!!

Vita is a much loved, long-time member of the Goldcoast Ballroom Family, who left us in March 2014 to spend time near her family in New Jersey. We are delighted that she has returned to work at Goldcoast Ballroom, starting […]

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Susan Freeman

Susan Freeman, our Concierge at the Front Desk, comes to us via Buffalo, New York.

She has lived in Coconut Creek, Florida for the past 10 years. As she says, “Coming from Buffalo – now you know why I moved to South Florida.”

Susan’s expertise in Retail Management in Customer Service provides the perfect […]

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Carlos Zavalos

Carlos Zavalos, an independent Consultant to Goldcoast Ballroom, acts as DJ for our Sunday Latin Mix and Party Mix dances.

He has been acting as a Consultant and DJ for Goldcoast since 1999.

In addition, he is Co-Owner of Charlie’s Sound in Miami, where he handles the music for many celebrity Latin recording artists. […]

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Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher is a long time independent Consultant and DJ for Goldcoast Ballroom.

He is Vinny’s understudy and stands in for him when Vinny is away.

Marc also spins often from 10PM-midnight (and sometimes after) on Sundays in the current schedule.

Louis Del Prete

Louis Del Prete, who lives and works in New York, frequently visits and acts as independent DJ at Goldcoast Ballroom when he is in Florida.

Louis Del Prete is a talented musician and dancer. He is accomplished on drums, keyboards, and trumpet, and is a fantastic singer. Louis is also an excellent ballroom dancer and […]

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Noel Colon

Noel Colon occasionally fills in as an independent DJ at Goldcoast Ballroom.

He is a registered Professional Disc Jockey with the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA) in South Florida, serving in: Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Pompano Beach, Dania, Hollywood, Hallandale, Deerfield Beach, Miami, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, Opa Locka, Miami Gardens, Delray Beach, Hialeah, Boynton […]

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Rosanna Ziff

Rosanna Ziff volunteers at Goldcoast Ballroom, and loves serving with Helen and the entire Goldcoast team.

Rosanna has been dancing for as long as she can remember.

Prior to moving to Florida, she and her husband lived in New York City, where they were members of the Dance Educators of America. They began teaching […]

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Patti MacDonald

Patti MacDonald, the President and a Director of USA Dance Inc.’s Royal Palm Chapter, is a long-time friend and patron of Goldcoast Ballroom, who can be seen on Wednesdays at our Front Desk, welcoming dancers to the Ballroom. She is a leader of the South Florida dance community, and dancers of all levels seek her […]

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John Homsey

John Homsey with his Sweetheart Helen Lamb

John Homsey is a long time Volunteer and friend of Goldcoast Ballroom. As a charming Host, he is a favorite of most of the ladies in the Ballroom. Many insist on their loved ritual of receiving a hug and a kiss from “Johnny” before leaving the Ballroom after […]

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Sunny Weinstein

Sunny Weinstein, Hostess

Sunny Weinstein volunteers at the Reception Desk at Goldcoast Ballroom, and acts as our volunteer Hostess.

As Hostess, she welcomes all newcomers to the Ballroom, and helps introduce them to our events, classes, and functions, and to ballroom dancing.

You can usually find her around the front Reception Desk, when she is […]

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Ira and Laura Gardner

Ira and Laura Gardner are volunteers at Goldcoast Ballroom’s front Reception desk.

This charming couple can be seen welcoming dancers to the Ballroom at many of our evening Social dances.

And, their beautiful dancing often graces our dance floor.


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Sallie Harris

Sallie Harris, Certified Food Handler, helps operate Goldcoast Ballroom’s kitchen which serves light fare at the Goldcoast social functions, and occasionally special buffets for our Special Events.

Sallie has been with Goldcoast Ballroom for 15 years.

She can be seen behind the counter in the kitchen during most of our social dances, and in […]

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Ana Paula Lamb

Ana Paula Lamb helps operate the Goldcoast Ballroom kitchen and bar, and helps with set up of the ballroom.

Ana Paula is a loved member of the Goldcoast Ballroom family.


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