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If you are new to Goldcoast Ballroom
or new to ballroom dancing:

  • Please see “Introduction to Goldcoast Ballroom” below for a brief Summary of What We Offer at Goldcoast Ballroom.
  • Please call or visit Goldcoast Ballroom, and ask for our Concierge on duty. She will be happy to answer your questions, and you can arrange to take a tour of the Ballroom and receive a personal introduction to our Calendar of Classes and Events. Our Concierge will be happy to help you get started with the Group Classes, Private Lessons and Social Events you choose, according to your interests.

    All of our classes, lessons, parties/ social dances, and special events are open to you on a “pay-per-class or event-you-attend-only” basis, with no continuing commitments on your part, and no pressure to sign up for “packages” of classes or lessons.

    And, you can take advantage of the Special Offers available to you as a Newcomer to Goldcoast!   (See Special Offers below)

  • Check out our Mobile-Friendly Printable Calendar, to find Classes and Social Dance Events that interest you.

    And see our Upcoming Events page for news and announcements of some of our upcoming Special Events and Featured Classes.

  • Check out our Resources/ Learn About Dance page to learn about the different styles of dance, and view videos with samples of each kind of dance by some of our World Class Instructors and others. See also our Galleries of Photos and Videos to experience some of the Magic of Goldcoast Ballroom.
  • Check out our Instructors pages to learn about our top World Class Instructors and about the World Class Guest Instructors, Coaches & Judges who come to Goldcoast Ballroom.
  • If you or someone you know are looking for a Magnificent Venue for your Wedding, Private Party, or Special Event, you or your friends can also rent Goldcoast Ballroom! See Rent The Ballroom, for information and pictures.
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  • Welcome!!
    We look forward to seeing you soon at Goldcoast Ballroom!!


    Introduction to Goldcoast Ballroom

    Established in 1996, Goldcoast Ballroom is one of the Premier Ballrooms & Event Centers
    in the United States.

    We offer Public Dances on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings, some Saturday evenings,
    and Sunday afternoon and evenings.
    Our World Class Instructors offer Group Classes and Private Dance Lessons
    every day and night of the week.

    Check our Mobile-Friendly Printable Calendar for our Schedule of Coming Classes & Events, and
    our Upcoming Events page for Flyers and more detail on Upcoming Events & Featured Classes.

    * * *

    We play all styles of music, and our Instructors teach virtually all styles of dancing, including
    International & American Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm, Swing, Salsa, and other Social Dances.

    Check out our Resources page for more information on dance music and styles of dance.

    * * *

    Our beautiful facility, which boasts a full 42′ X 68′ floating oak dance floor and amenities,
    is also available for rent.
    It offers a Magnificent Venue for your Wedding, Private Party, or Other Event.

    See Rent the Ballroom, and fill out the Rental Inquiry Form found there for further information.

    * * *

    For More Information on What We Offer and Who we Are, See:


    Special Offers for Those New to
    Goldcoast Ballroom:

    Introductory Special - $59 for 2 Private Lessons with Alex or Tanya Koulik (30 Min Each)

    Offer by Ballroom Masters Alex & Tanya Koulik


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