Helen Lamb

Helen LambHelen Lamb is the General Manager of Goldcoast Ballroom. She has been with Goldcoast Ballroom for over 15 years.

Her business background has given her the ability effectively to manage the operations of Goldcoast Ballroom, and she has contributed significantly to the success the Ballroom has had. Prior to joining Goldcoast Ballroom, she was the Admitting Manager of Broward General Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for over 20 years.

Helen is an accomplished ballroom dancer, who has danced for many years. Her experience is primarily in chorus line dancing. She has danced in several performances and shows, including shows On Broadway and Off Broadway. Swing dancing is her favorite, and she and her partner John Homsey have been an impressive Swing-dance couple on our dance floor.

She teaches line dancing classes at Goldcoast Ballroom on Wednesday afternoons before the Afternoon Social Dance.

Helen was born into a musical family, and she has loved music and dancing all her life. Her Father had his own orchestra. He and his orchestra performed at the White House during World War II, and performed regularly at the famous Waldorf Astoria in New York.

Helen has lived her entire life in Fort Lauderdale, Florida — with a “couple of interruptions” to attend Temple University and live in New York. Her whole family lives in South Florida, and all of them are musically inclined and love dancing.

Helen is much loved at Goldcoast Ballroom.