February Calendar Posted - Including New Schedule of FREE Group Classes (with Paid Admission to Social Dance)!

February Group Classes Posted - Find Free Classes (with paid admission to social dance)Goldcoast Ballroom has posted our new Calendar for the month of February, 2014!

Check out our Dynamic Online Calendar for February 2014!

Find FREE Group Classes (with paid admission to the Social Dance following the class):

Again, we are offering FREE Group Classes before some of our Social Dances! These Classes are FREE with paid Admission to the Social Dance following the class.

Click HERE to See Only the FREE Classes for February offered with paid admission to the Social Dance following the class.

Then Return to the Full February Calendar to see ALL Events in February.

Our latest available Print Calendar can be printed out as a PDF document on the Print Calendar page. (If our PDF Print Calendar for the month is not yet available, see our Dynamic Online Calendar.

Looking for a Class on a Particular Dance? Click the Category Links at the Bottom of our Calendar Page.

At the bottom of our current month’s Dynamic Calendar page, you will find a table with links that sort the Calendar posts by color-coded categories. Click on any link in the table to display only the posts in whatever category you are interested in. To view these events for a month other than the current month, simply change the month at the upper left corner of the Calendar.

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Check Back Often

Calendar listings are necessarily subject to some change, so check back often — and be sure to check the Calendar just before coming to a class. Feel free to Call us, if you have any questions. Our telephone number is: (954) 979-0770.

Listings posted for future months are only partial, and more classes & events will be added near the beginning of each future month.