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Our January, 2020 Printable Schedule of Dances & Classes

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Goldcoast Ballroom - January, 2020 Calendar - Social Dance Events

Goldcoast Ballroom - January, 2020 Calendar - Group Class Schedule

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Goldcoast Ballroom - Click Here to Go to our Interactive Online Schedule of Dance Events & Group Classes Click on the Calendar above or on the links below to download* and print our Very Latest** Paper Schedule of Dances & Classes (as a PDF document):   * For best results, download the PDF doc to your computer, before printing.

** This page (above) contains our very latest available paper Schedule of Dance Events & Group Classes (the same one you can eventually pick up at the front desk in the Ballroom). The new paper Schedule, and each updated version, is uploaded here on this page within a few minutes after it is completed, and before it is printed for the Ballroom. The version found on this page may therefore at some times be more recent than the one available in the Ballroom.

If our paper Schedule of Dances & Classes for the month is not yet available, please check our Interactive Online Schedule on this website.

Just above the monthly Calendar (at the upper right corner),
you can click on the words “Events in Date” in the gray box to select
the month and year you want to see.


If you are new to Goldcoast Ballroom or new to ballroom dancing:
Please Click Here for more information.
Please feel free to call or visit Goldcoast Ballroom. Ask for our Concierge, Susan Freeman. She will be happy to answer your questions, and you can arrange for her to give you a tour of the Ballroom and an introduction to our Classes and Events, and help you get started with the Group Classes, Private Lessons and Social Events you choose, according to your interests. All of our classes are open to you on a “pay-per-class-you-attend-only” basis, with no continuing commitments on your part, and no pressure to sign up for “packages” of classes or lessons.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Goldcoast Ballroom!!