Michael Neil

1667_lg Michael Neil is one of the top professional Latin American Rhythm dancers and competitors in the United States.

Former North American Showdance Champions, Michael Neil and his partner Danielle Wilson are a top couple in the American Rhythm style of dance. Four time United States Championship finalists, three time World Rhythm finalists on America’s Ballroom Challenge, and United Sates Cabaret finalists rank this couple worldwide.

Accolades from these prestigious events bring them many invitations to perform and teach.

With his partner, Danielle Wilson, Michael has spent the last five years competing, performing, and coaching throughout the United States, and has participated in many prestigious events.

Michael, a Pennsylvania native, began dancing in his late teens. Danielle took up ballet as a child and came into the ballroom world after college.

As a couple, they have great charisma on the dance floor, and Danielle’s background in ballet and jazz is often evident in their striking routines.

When he’s not dancing or teaching, Michael likes to spend as much time as he can with his three young children.