A Magnificent Venue for Weddings & Other Private Events

Goldcoast Entry AreaGoldcoast Ballroom Dance Floor - Floating Oak 40 X 60Goldcoast Bar Area

Goldcoast Ballroom is a Magnificent Venue for all of our Events, as well as Weddings, Private Parties & Other Events.
Television Shows, Documentaries, and Movies have even been filmed here!
Our fabulous facility is available to rent for select private occasions. For more information, please Contact Us.

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Goldcoast Ballroom has the magic that sets it apart as the ultimate dancing experience: a magnificent 60’X 40′ full competition-size floating oak dance floor, incredible music, the ambiance and elegance of a Parisian Night Club, a full Bar, Kitchen/ snack bar, and ample parking. Designed and built exclusively for ballroom dancing by the owners, Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, Goldcoast Ballroom has been home to world renowned performers, producers, adjudicators, choreographers, coaches, and teachers, as well as amateur competitors and social dancers since 1996.

Pictured above (left to right): The Entry Area, the Magnificent ballroom dance floor, and the Bar Area at Goldcoast Ballroom.

Shall we dance through this royal palace?

Elegance, warmth, and romance beckons as we enter. Passing under a crystal chandelier, we follow the red velvet ropes to the carved wooden reception desk to purchase our ticket to this magical kingdom. Our eyes take in the vista spreading before us: the Tiffancy lamp casting its light on the custom designed carpeting reaching to walls adorned with stylish mirrors, paintings, photographs, posters, tapestries, and sconces. We notice the creative display of Oriental screens, French doors, huge silk trees and massive flower arrangements. Burgundy and mauve chairs placed around candlelit tables can comfortably seat hundreds of dancers.

The music emanating from the superb sound system sets the mood for dancers of all styles and levels. Whether we hear a sexy rumba, lively foxtrot, exciting samba or lilting waltz, the music surrounds us in every corner of the room. Its pulsating rhythm travels throughout our body and down to our feet, urging us forward.

As we move toward the center of the room, the soft glow of lights suspended from the ceiling surrounds the large floating golden oak dance floor. This area of the room appears to stand apart as a mystical space where all is forgotten by the magic of the dance.

The Goldcoast experience is enhanced with entertainment every week by famous, world known celebrities, and World Champions as well as instruction by some of the best teachers available in Standard/Latin, American Smooth/Rhythm and Social, including Swing, Hustle and Salsa.

There is a tempting boutique on hand which is truly a dance devotee’s delight. The small, fashionable specialty shop offers a variety of items for sale, items such as dance clothing, dance shoes, tote bags, jewelry, belts, pins and other dance accessories.

A “Lite Menu” is available as a hospitality courtesy from their sparkling kitchen/snack-bar every night of the week and a staff that will always greet you with a smile.

How did this monumental achievement we call Goldcoast Ballroom come about? Owners Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno‘s winning formula for success is their unbeatable combination of business acumen and knowledge of what dancers desire. Add to that their musical talent, artistic expertise, and flair for design and decorating, and the result is this beautiful showplace.