Other Social Dances - Music & Video Samples of Each Dance

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Disco Mirror Ball - Disco Hustle is one of many popular Other Social DancesIn addition to the International Standard Ballroom Dances, American Smooth Ballroom Dances, International Latin Dances, and American Rhytym Dances, Goldcoast Ballroom teaches several other popular social dances – which broadly fall under the heading: “Other Social Dances.” Among these Other Social Dances are:

Nightclub Two-step – Hustle – Modern Jive / LeRoc / Ceroc – and the whole swing variety: West Coast Swing / East Coast Swing/ Lindy Hop (always included in the “Rhythm-Swing” category) / Carolina Shag / Collegiate Shag

Latin nightclub:
Merengue – Salsa – Cumbia – Mambo – Porro – Cha cha

Brazilian Dances:
Forró – Pagode – Samba de Gafieira – Lambada – Zouk

Country Western Polka – Country Western Two-step – Country Western Waltz

Cajun dances:
Cajun One Step or Cajun Jig – Cajun Two Step – Zydeco – Cajun Waltz – Cajun Jitterbug

Historical/Vintage Dances:
Polka – Schottische – One-Step – Peabody

Here are samples of some of the most common and popular of these Other Social Dances:

Other Social Dances:

Music Sample
Video of the Dance Performed
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West Coast Swing

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Bruce Perrotta & Trish Berlanga


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MADjam2007 Pro Strictly Hustle – Gary Ulaner & Diane Nardone


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A Salsa Sunday – Social Dance at Goldcoast Ballroom


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Guest performer demonstrates the Merengue. Shows that if he can do it, anyone can do it!

Two Step

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Social Dancers Two Stepping at Goldcoast Ballroom


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Polka Fun at Goldcoast Ballroom New Years Eve Party Dec 31, 2012 – Featured Young Dancers: Paolo & Liene Di Lorenzo!


For more information about different styles of dancing and other dances, see our Resource article on:

Know Your Dances: Dance Styles Explained – with Music & Video Samples of Each Dance.”

At Goldcoast Ballroom, we teach group classes and our instructors give private lessons in most all of the Other Social Dances described and explained above, as well as all of the International Standard Dances, American Smooth, International Latin, and American Rhythm dances, plus Argentine Tango. Al of these dances are described and explained on our Resources: Learn About Dance page.

We also play music for all of the dances at our Social Dances, Practice Sessions, and Parties.

For more information about our schedule of classes, dances and events, see our CALENDAR, our Dynamic Gallery of What’s Happening on our Home page, and our NEWS page.

For information on our World Class Instructors, see our INSTRUCTORS page.



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