Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios

Argentine Tango Dancers:

Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios

24 years of experience; developing, teaching and performing Salon and Stage Tango styles.

Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios started dancing together in 1996, touring in South America, Europe, Asia and North America, in competitions, performances, festivals, meetings, workshops, and more.

They have cultivated love for this romantic rhythm throughout the world, bringing the Argentine culture to many places and peoples, being Tango’s Cultural Ambassadors.

They developed their craft, initially adding different visions and styles from
Chilean masters, and then including the knowledge acquired from the most
important Argentinean Masters, to create their own vision: elegant, skillful and
clean, but still with delightful and essential elements, learned from old
“milongueros” with a characteristic passion and love for Tango.

Their Argentinean masters included Carlos y Rosa Pérez, Fernando Galera,
Ana María Shapira, Romina Levin, Eduardo Pareja, Graciela Gonzalez, among

Classic Ballet & Jazz Dance
Sport Dance Accreditation (Category F, Ballroom Dance) 2013
Workshop “Marketing Development for Small businesses” 2015

• 1st Place. Stage Tango – World Tango Championship TREX GAMES, Busan, South Korea 2008
Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios• 2nd Place. Stage Tango – World Tango Championship, Buenos Aires 2007
• 9th Place. Stage Tango – World Tango Championship, Buenos Aires 2006
• 1st Place. Stage Tango – National Championship, Chillan, Chile 2006
• 1st Place. Fantasy Tango, Latin America Dance Chile 2001 and 2004

Argentina (Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Cipolleti),
Belgium (Genth, Brugge, Mortsel),
Bolivia (La Paz),
Colombia (Bogotá, Medellín),
Canada (Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa),
Chile (Across the nation),
Finland (Helsinki, Tampere),
Germany (Nürnber, Hof, Baeroitt, Plauen, Ausburg, Eichtatt),
Italy (Rome),
Mexico (San Miguel de Allende, Monterrey, Durango, México City, Mérida, Leon, Puerto Vallarta),
Perú (Lima),
Switzerland (Lucern),
Uruguay (Montevideo),
Venezuela (Caracas)

USA (San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, El Paso, New Orleans, Austin, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, Denver, Tucson, Oklahoma, New York, Albuquerque, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

• Classes, workshops, shows in Hotels, Casinos, Convention Centers, TV
appearances, public and private Companies, etc,
• Directors of “Proyectango Company” 2002 to 2014, performing in public and
private events (Chile)
• Directors of “Valparaiso Tango” 2013 to 2016. Public project of the Valparaiso,
(Chile) Municipality, with young amateur dancers, focused on developing the
city’s tango identity.
• Directors of “Studio Uno Danza” Dance Studio 2008 to 2016. Chile.

Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios


Maximiliano Alvarado & Paloma Berrios