Tonja Garamella

Tonja GaramellaMs. Tonja Garamella has been a World Class Adjudicator for the past 15 years, holding certifications in International Latin, Ballroom, and American Styles of dance. She has acted as judge and evaluator at our Goldcoast Ballroom Summer Showcase. Her constructive critiques to students on their performances help the students learn and improve their dancing.

Ms. Garamella has a strong educational background in both dance and business, having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance and her Masters in Business Administration (summa cum laude).

She partnered Ralf Lepehne (9-time German Champion) 1993-1997 for shows throughout Europe and Asia.

Tonja has performed Shows, Coaching, Lectures, and Judging in Japan, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Spain.

She offers Private and Group training for youth and amateur competitors.

She was Assistant choreographer and trainer of the 1997 European and World Champion Formation A-Class Team from Aachen, German.

Tonja has been awarded numerous titles throughout the US and Europe. She is a previous United States Finalist in both the Latin American and American Style divisions and has been teaching over 25 years.

An internationally recognized competitor, performer and teacher, she continues to travel abroad for judging, teaching and lectures.