Volvick Denis

Volvick Denis

Volvick Denis

Volvick Denis is an extraordinary World Class Professional Dancer widely acclaimed for his amazing full-body moves and fiery and energetic performances in Salsa and Latin & Rhythm dances.

Originally from Haiti, Volvick is internationally recognized as a top tier professional dancer. He has performed and competed throughout the U.S. and in recognized venues internationally.

Volvick Denis has indeed taken the U.S. and world ballroom dancing community by storm. Since coming to the U.S. in 2000, he has achieved both fame and respect from various ballroom organizations, adjudicators, his peers and his students.

His talent has awarded him many titles such as The National Mambo title at Philadelphia Festival & Atlantic Coast Dancesport Championship; and finalists in several world and national ballroom championships. As a result, he has been sought after for countless professional shows, and is known for his fiery and energetic performances.

Volvick has taught students from a wide array of backgrounds, including social dancers, politicians, broadway performers, ballet and modern dance groups, professional and amateur competitors and more. He has also given lectures, seminars and workshops worldwide. Many of his students have gone on to win numerous championships and scholarships.

Volvick’s passion is driven by his joy in expressing music with his body. It is in this simple dignity of his movement that his art can say that which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing

Volvick lives in South Florida, where he teaches dancing. He is a much sought-after Master of Salsa and the Latin and Rhythm dances.

The following video provide just a partial example of some of Volvick’s amazing full-body moves in Latin/ Rhythm dancing. Here he performs a Rumba/ Cha Cha medley with Eugenia Spotar: