Kristie Alemeida

Kristie Almeida Kristie Almeida, now one of South Florida’s top Wedding Dance Specialists, has been teaching dance for almost as long as she has been dancing, which is now longer than she can remember! Ever since her earliest years of childhood, she has been choreographing dance routines and learning to perform them with friends and those around me. What started as talent shows and school events turned into dedicated training with the great Arthur Murray, five years of professional competitive dance, and six years as a professional dance instructor. She was the top female instructor in the business for four out of the 6 years and was nominated the number one teacher worldwide in 2014.

It is her life calling to share the joy, passion and love found through dance. Her experiences as an instructor have led her toward a passion specifically for couple’s dance. There is something uniquely beautiful about an engaged couple learning to dance for their wedding night – the way they light up at learning to move together gracefully across the dance floor, how they learn to support each other and use teamwork that has led them to a lifetime of commitment and joy. To her, everything about the first dance is the embodiment of joy, passion and love.

Kristie’s lessons are built around the belief that everyone can have a perfect first dance; it is a pleasure to spend her days helping couples realize this. Kristie is overwhelmingly proud to have seen her dream come true and to be able to share it with so many loving couples.