Friday Night at Goldcoast Ballroom - Ballroom Mix 8-10 PM; WEST COAST SWING/ HUSTLE Mix - 10PM - 12:30AM + COMPLIMENTARY DANCE CLASS (7PM - 8PM) included with paid Admission.

Goldcoast Ballroom Swingin' Friday Join Us for our Popular Friday Evenings at Goldcoast Ballroom!

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

10:00 PM – 12:30 AM


7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – COMPLIMENTARY Dance Class
(included with paid $16.00 Admission to the Social Dance – Whole Evening)


  • $16.00 – for the Entire Evening (7:00 PM – 12:30 AM)! –
    (Includes admission to the Dance whole night, COMPLIMENTARY Dance Class (7pm – 8pm), pastry or dessert, and coffee + 6% FL Sales Tax)*

And, our Bar is Open, for your purchase of Wine, Beer, and More.


* Our Admission Totals for our Regular Social Dances are calculated to include your 6% FL Sales Tax in order to save everyone the bother of dealing with pennies for added 6% FL Sales Tax at admission.

This means that Admission to our Friday Evening Social Dances is: $15.09 (price to Goldcoast) + $0.91 (6% Sales Tax to State of FL) = $16.00 Total.


Come early, and take the Dance Class preceding the party – COMPLIMENTARY with paid $16.00 Admission to the dance!

Check our Calendar for the Classes being offered.


The dance starts at 8:00 PM with a classic ballroom mix. A modern mix including Ballroom, Latin, and most other social dances.

At 9:00 PM we have a Foxtrot and Waltz Mixer.

West Coast Swing Instructors Bruce & Beth Perrotta

West Coast Swing Instructors Bruce & Beth Perrotta at a Friday WCS Night
at Goldcoast Ballroom

A great warmup for the popular West Coast Swing & Hustle Mix that starts at 10:00PM!
At 10:00PM, the music shifts to our West Coast Swing/ Hustle Mix – a mix of the party/social dances, West Coast Swing and Hustle, with an occasional Two Step, Salsa, and Night Club Two Step. The evening continues until 12:30 AM!


Our bar is open; purchase your choice of wine, beer, champagne, soda/ soft drinks, and more!


Join us for our popular Friday Nights at Goldcoast Ballroom. A great, fun, and exciting way to kick back and kick off your weekend!