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Goldcoast Instructors Paolo & Liene Di Lorenzo and Andre & Natalie Paramonov ALL WIN FIRST PLACE at U.S. National Dance Championships!!

Goldcoast’s World Class Instructors, Paolo & Liene Di Lorenzo and Andre & Natalie Paramonov, have again proved that they are indeed WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONS!!
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In a remarkable BIG DOUBLE WIN at the U.S. National Dance Championships (USDC) held in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, September 7,

This means that both couples, as U.S. National Professional Champions in their categories, will represent the United States in the World Championships!!

Both professional couples were coached by Rufus Dustin, one of Goldcoast Ballroom’s World Class Guest Instructors and Coaches, as well as other coaches, including Judi Hatton, also a World Class Guest Instructor and Coach at Goldcoast Ballroom, and others, all of whom the couples acknowledge with gratitude.

It is highly impressive and remarkable that TWO professional couples from Goldcoast Ballroom have won FIRST PLACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at the same USDC National Championship competition!

No one we have interviewed can remember that it has ever happened before that TWO professional couples from the same ballroom have won NATIONAL FIRST PLACE titles at the same USDC Competition!!

Goldcoast Ballroom salutes and congratulates Paolo & Liene and Andre & Natalie!! We are all very excited for them and proud of them, and we are most grateful that they are part of the Goldcoast Ballroom team!

As congratulations are pouring in, the many students of Paolo & Liene and the many students of Andre & Natalie are expressing their profound gratitude for the great privilege they have of studying dance with these gifted WORLD CHAMPION dancers!