Vita Abate

Vita AbateWe are pleased to announce that, Vita Abate is back as our Head Concierge!!

Vita is a much loved, long-time member of the Goldcoast Ballroom Family, who left us in March 2014 to spend time near her family in New Jersey. We are delighted that she has returned to work at Goldcoast Ballroom, starting in July, 2015. In fact, in spirit, we feel she never left us, and during the approximately 15 months she was away, we honored her with the honorary title of “Concierge Emeritus.”

For the past many years, before leaving us in March, 2014, Vita has graced Goldcoast Ballroom with her smile and charm as Concierge at our Front Desk, and has ably assisted Helen Lamb, our General Manager, and Jeff Sandler and Vinny Munno, the owners, in overseeing the Ballroom and its operations.

Vita is an accomplished ballroom dancer, and a certified member of the National Dance Teachers Association of America.

She has performed in many showcases, Dancesport competitions and professional shows over the past 25 years.

On Sunday evening, March 23, 2014, the Ballroom was packed when we honored and extended our Best Wishes to Vita. See Photos and Videos from the Party Honoring Vita.

Vita is a much loved member of our Goldcoast Ballroom Family, whom we warmly welcome back as our Head Concierge!