Goldcoast Ballroom Open!! - Electricity & Water Restored!! - Anyone needing Relief is Welcome to Join us Today! - Resuming Our Regular Schedule Friday, September 15

Power & Water Restored at Goldcoast Ballroom!! - We Welcome Anyone Needing Relief to Join us Today! - Resuming Regular Schedule Friday, Sept 15, 2017

Following Hurricane Irma,
Electric Power & Water services have been Restored at Goldcoast Ballroom, and
The Ballroom is now OPEN!!.

We would like to welcome anyone who needs relief today to
join us at Goldcoast Ballroom.

We have air conditioning, cold water,
electricity for charging and use of electronics,
good company and of course, music.

The dance floor is available for private lessons
all day today, Thursday, September 14.

Please Check with Paolo & Lienne Di Lorenzo
regarding their Classes on Thursday Evening, September 14.

We will resume our regular schedule
Friday, September 15!

Goldcoast Ballroom Open! Power & Water Restored Resuming Regular Schedule, Friday, Sept 15, 2017 743 X 456