Aleksandr Skarlato & Loreta Kriksciukaityte

Aleksandr Skarlato & Loreta Kriksciukaityte Aleksandr Skarlato & Loreta Kriksciukaityte are two of the World’s Most Noted and Highly Ranked Latin dancers!

Aleksandr, originally from Ukraine, and Loreta, originally from Lithuania, each has competed internationally, and achieved numerous Top Titles — in the Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Europe, the UK (Blackpool), and in the U.S.

Aleksandr & Loreta started dancing together in August, 2015 as a Professional Latin Competitive Couple. They are registered as a Professional couple in USA, and represent the USA in multiple competitions throughout the U.S. and the world.

According to, they currently are ranked in the top 36 couples in the world and in the top 15 couples in USA in the Professional Latin category.

They have achieved Finalist or Higher Results in a number of Important Competitions, including:

Heritage Classic Dancesport Championships – 1st Place
First Coast Classic Dancesport Championships, Jacksonville (FL) – 1st Place
The Windy City Open, Chicago (IL) – 1st Place
Twin Cities Open Ballroom Championships – 1st Place
Miami Vibe Dancesport Competition, Miami Beach (FL) – 2nd Place
Atlanta Open 2016, Atlanta (GA) – 2nd Place
Philadelphia Dancesport Festival, Philadelphia (PA) – 2nd Place
Virginia State Dancesport Championships – 2nd Place
Cleveland Dancesport Challenge – 2nd Place
Yuletide Ball Championships – 2nd Place
Empire Dance Championships 2016, USA – New York (NY) – 3rd Place
Superstars Dancesport Championships, St Petersburg (FL) – 4th Place
Manhattan Dance Sport Championships – Top 6
Holiday Dance Classic, Las Vegas, NV – Top 7
Embassy Ball Dancesport Championships, Irvine, CA – Top 8
Ohio Star Ball 2016 – Top 9
United States Dance Championships 2016 – Top 11 in the U.S.
Blackpool Dance Festival 2016, Blackpool, England – Top 24 in the World
International Championships 2016, England – Brentwood/London – Top 36 in the World

Alexandr and Loreta have given a spectacular show at Goldcoast Ballroom, and they teach private lessons and Group Classes at Goldcoast Ballroom.