Francois Szony

Francois Szony with Rita AgneseFrancois Szony, an icon of the dance world and known as one of the greatest Ballroom Adagio dancers in the world, was featured in several movies and appeared on stage during the 1950s and for many years thereafter.

An exquisite ballet dancer, he pioneered the field of Adagio Ballroom show dance. He amazed audiences with his graceful moves, amazing control, and inspiring artistic interpretation.

Francois Szony - Recent PictureOne of his millions of fans commented: “There has never been a Ballroom Adagio partner quite like Francois Szony. Elegant, secure, strong… and he made it all look so easy, not to mention how exquisite he made his partners look. That’s a master!”

Francois Szony lives in South Florida, and regularly appears at Goldcoast Ballroom, where he frequently gave shows during the early 2000s, and remains a much sought-after coach well into his 80s.

Following is a video of one of Francois Szony’s famous performances in a movie, recorded long ago:

And, here is a composite of some of Francois Szony’s impressive performances, including performances with his partner Nancy Claire on Hollywood Palace, the Ed Sullivan Show and others:

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